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Hip-hop Therapeutic Writing Courses for Educators



The Hip-hop Novice


  • Access to foundational courses in hip-hop pedagogy and therapeutic writing.

  • Introduction to analyzing poetry and hip-hop lyrics.

  • Basic understanding of using hip-hop journaling for emotional intelligence.

  • Entry-level content suitable for educators new to hip-hop education and therapeutic writing.

Target Audience:

  • Educators who are new to hip-hop pedagogy and therapeutic writing.

  • Those interested in exploring the connection between hip-hop culture and education.

  • Beginners in incorporating creative writing techniques into their teaching practice.


Therapeutic Lyricist


  • Comprehensive courses diving deeper into hip-hop pedagogy and therapeutic writing.

  • Advanced techniques for analyzing and teaching poetry and hip-hop lyrics.

  • In-depth exploration of using hip-hop journaling for emotional intelligence and healing.

  • Practical guidance on facilitating hip-hop writing cyphers and collaboration.

  • Personal anecdotes and insights from your own journey of overcoming father wounds.

Target Audience:

  • Educators with some experience in hip-hop pedagogy or therapeutic writing.

  • Those seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in using hip-hop as a tool for emotional expression and healing.

  • Teachers interested in incorporating more advanced hip-hop techniques into their curriculum.


Griot MasterClass


  • Advanced masterclasses on hip-hop pedagogy, therapeutic writing, and cultural teaching.

  • Expert-level instruction on analyzing and teaching complex hip-hop narratives and poetics.

  • Deep dive into using hip-hop as a tool for cultural teaching and empowering students.

  • Practical strategies for implementing African and hip-hop griot traditions in educational settings.

  • Exclusive sessions on self-education techniques and teaching others based on African Diaspora Studies principles.

Target Audience:

  • Experienced educators deeply committed to using hip-hop as a transformative tool in their teaching.

  • Those seeking the highest level of expertise in integrating hip-hop culture and therapeutic writing into education.

  • Educators looking to become leaders and advocates for hip-hop pedagogy and cultural teaching in their communities.

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