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Why Educators Treat Dads Like Boo Boo?

👊🏾 Hey Rebels of Education, let's kick things off with a story that'll make you feel like someone pissed in your Cheerios. Picture this: I'm a young father, striding into my son's school, ready to chat with his teacher before class kicks off. The second I step in, she gives me a look that says her contract starts in three minutes and literally gestures for me to step outside. Now, being a large Black man with a friendly smile, I oblige and wait.

Three minutes pass, and before I can dive into my son's reading scores, she hits me with, "Did you talk to your wife or the mother of your child first?" Boom, a mountain of rage rises in me. I pull a Rock eyebrow raise and say, "No." I express my concerns about my son's reading, noting he seems to do better during my weeks with him. She shoots me a “Negro Please” look.

In that moment, I felt like I was seen as a deadbeat or a thug. So, I throw down my credentials—English Professor—and show my eagerness to collaborate. Instantly, her attitude flips when she hears "Dr." in front of my name. Felt like I just handed my freedom papers to an antebellum Paddy roller. Why do I have to flash my credentials to be taken seriously as a concerned parent?

Scholar Abdill, in Fathering From the Margins, hits the nail on the head: fathers are invisible to many educators, often treated like second-class parents. Here's the kicker—educators know that active parents, especially dads, lead to fewer behavior and academic issues. Yet, they still don't see us as viable partners in our kids' success.

So, educators, it's time to step up and make our classrooms more father-friendly. Here's how we start the revolution:

  1. 👋🏾 Acknowledge Dads when they enter your class or contact you via email.

  2. 📧 Include both parents in all communications. If separated, send separate emails.

  3. 🍩 Engage in events like Donuts with Dads or push for Pro Dads to be part of meetings and classrooms.

Ready to turn the tide? For more DadCypher Edutainment tips, hit me up at Let's break the cycle and champion every kid's success.


Educators, how do you make your classrooms father-friendly. Write your comments below.

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I'm not an educator. But I am a mom, with a husband, who is father to our three sons. This is spot on. Whew, do we have stories to tell about this. Thank you for this post. I'd be interested to hear from other educators about how they foster a welcomeing and collaborative environment that involves dads.

Replying to

Thank you so much. I would love to hear your stories so we can better serve educators.

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