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Speaking Engagements 

Basic Professional Speaker of Hip-hop Culture, must look professional.jpg

Basic Package

  • This package includes a standard keynote speech or workshop tailored to the needs of educators working with at-promise students.

  • Topics covered may include the power of therapeutic writing, healing from “father wounds” or parental trauma through creative expression, and the role of hip-hop and pop culture in self-discovery and healing. In additional, I use therapeutic writing to inspire those who are preparing students to transition from college to career.

  • This package does not include additional services such as customized curriculum development or extended workshop sessions.

Standard Professional Speaker who speaks on Hip-hop and Therapeutic Writing for Language A

Standard Package

  • This package includes a keynote speech or workshop, along with a more in-depth interactive session or workshop for students.

  • You'll provide a customized curriculum or lesson plan based on your expertise in English, African Diaspora Studies, and therapeutic writing.

  • The session may include hands-on activities, group discussions, and personalized feedback to help educators to engage students deeply with the material and apply it to their own lives.

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Premium Package

  • This package offers a comprehensive experience for both students and educators.

  • In addition to a keynote speech and interactive workshop, you'll provide personalized coaching or mentoring sessions for educators interested in implementing hip-hop therapeutic writing techniques in their classrooms.

  • This package may also include follow-up support such as access to resources, ongoing consultation, or virtual check-ins to track progress and address any challenges in implementing the strategies discussed during the engagement for a scheduled amount of time.

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