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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My Name Is...

Dr. JL Adolph aka the XL Professor of DadCypher

Dr. JL Adolph isn't your typical academic. With a Ph.D. in African Diaspora Studies, he's on a mission to challenge the status quo and rewrite the narrative of traditional education. As an Assistant Professor of English, he brings a rebellious spirit to the classroom, infusing his teachings with the raw energy of hip-hop and the transformative power of narrative therapy.

Driven by a passion for social justice and emotional intelligence, Dr. Adolph dives deep into the realms of hip-hop therapeutic writing, narrative therapy studies, and SEL (social emotional learning), harnessing the unapologetic authenticity of spoken word poetry to inspire his students and clients.

But his rebellion doesn't stop at the lectern. Dr. Adolph is also a fatherhood coach and college-to-career specialist, challenging outdated notions of masculinity and guiding young men on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As a husband and father of four, he leads by example, showing that vulnerability and strength can coexist harmoniously.

In his groundbreaking initiative, DadCypher Edutainment, Dr. Adolph fuses education with entertainment, creating a platform where fathers can connect, learn, and grow through the power of hip-hop culture.

Dr. JL Adolph isn't just an academic – he's a revolutionary force, fearlessly breaking boundaries and reshaping the future of education, fatherhood, and beyond. Join him on his quest to ignite change, one verse at a time.

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Purpose Statement

I create transformative experiences for rebel educators, empowering them to guide at-risk students on a journey of healing from “father wounds” and “parental trauma.” My approach, rooted in hip-hop therapeutic writing, enables at-promise youth to remix their narratives and step into their purpose.

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Zones of Expertise

Expert Zone 1# - Hip-hop Pedagogy


  •  Expert in Hip-hop fatherhood narratives

  •  Use hip-hop songs to teach narrative, argumentative, research, and digital narratives.

  • Mastery in teaching students how to analyze poetry and hip-hop lyrics

  • Mastery in teaching students to transform hip-hop poetics into prose.

Expert Zone 2# - Therapeutic Writing


  • Mastery in using hip-hop journal writing to increase students’ emotional intelligence.

  • Using hip-hop “Quotables” and metaphors to get students to examine their feelings.

  • Using the “gutting method” to use hip-hop templates to write original narratives.

  • Facilitator of hip-hop writing cyphers to increase student collaboration.

  • Survivor of father wounds, divorce, negative co-parenting, and parallel parenting

Expert Zone 3# - Cultural Competency Teachings

  • Master of African Diaspora Studies

  • Expert utilizing African and Hip-hop griot traditions to teach educators how to remix their delivery.

  • Pass the Mic: Teaching students self-education techniques.

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