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4 Tips for Dads to Act as Their Kids' Personal Teacher GPS


Once upon a time, people who traveled to places they had never been asked gas station attendants or used MapQuest. That time SUCKED. We were driving around in circles. Frustrated. Hot. Thank the Tech Gods we have GPS to guide us.

It's too bad our teachers do not have GPS when guiding our kids. Since Father’s Day is coming up, let’s NOT BE GAS STATION WILLIE WITH AN OLD MAP. Let’s form a Team (for Millennial Dads, “Squad” for Gen Z, “Gang Gang”) with our kids’ teachers. Why have them turn to the left, to the left, off the wrong turnpike with our babies?

Here are some tips to get started:

  1.  Introduce Ourselves: Firm Handshake and Eye Contact

  2. Provide the Teacher with Our Contact Information

  3. Provide the Teacher with a Summary of Children’s Personality and Classroom Work Habits. If you don’t know your kids’ personalities, no shame. Go to and have your kids answer the questions. This will give the teacher their strengths, weaknesses, and work habits.

  4. Support the Teacher’s Learning Objectives for Each Assignment – Make it Part of the Family Routine. If you do not understand the assignment, use this moment to problem-solve with the teacher.

You know you will be on the right track when:

  1. The Teacher engages with you and your child regularly.

  2. Your child's academic scores increase, and behavior issues decrease.

  3. Your child sees learning as an everyday activity.

  4. For more DadCypher Edutainment Tips: Go to


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